Why was Shoply created?

As with any new venture, there must be an issue facing the market that needs to be resolved. In our case there were a few that many seemed to be overlooking (or perhaps had just accepted): Web2 ecommerce’s centralization of power, high fees, and no easy way to implement Web3 payments.

You don't own your store, and your data is not only stored but also sold to the highest bidder. At any point in time your store can be shut down, regardless of whether you did something wrong or not.

Fees, fees, and more fees! Monthly subscription, sales fees, processing fees, and hidden fees… Although flat monthly costs are marketed as low by traditional ecommerce platforms (think 'Get started for only $20/month'), the actual costs are significantly greater.

Dozens of different processes, hundreds of options, and a thousand unique features (yet no easy way of incorporating crypto payments). Complexity results in a significant barrier to entry for newcomers, which statistically results in them giving up without even starting.

Shoply provides a completely decentralized ecommerce platform that

1. Gives the power back to you and doesn’t store any of your data
2. Charges one fixed monthly fee that makes your costs predictable and increases your bottom line
3. Allows you to create a Web3 store in minutes without any coding experience

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